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The purpose of the Roots of Childhood Guidebooks is to empower educators, caregivers, family members, and community members to provide meaningful outdoor play experiences for young children and to increase access to holistic, child-centered early education.

This 4-page Guidebook contains over 50 place-based, nature-based curriculum ideas that can be adapted in a developmentally appropriate way for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and early elementary grades.

Along with a few photos of activities per season, these exploration ideas are organized by 10 months (September-June) to help educators and caregivers identify potential seasonal changes to notice and wonder about alongside children.

This Guidebook is excellent for educators and caregivers that would like to incorporate more emergent learning experiences based on the flow of the seasons but would feel more confident if they received some gentle guidance of what to look for in each season with children, as well as more seasoned nature-based educators seeking some fresh curriculum ideas.

After purchasing, you will receive a PDF copy of the Guidebook. Feel free to print out and laminate it, hang it up on the wall of your workspace, or keep it saved on your device for easy access. Happy exploring!

*This Guidebook is written based on the Northeast climate of the United States but many activities are still applicable for other climates-- for example, there are many ideas for winter that you do not need snow for!*

Guidebook #1: Flow of Learning in Nature School

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