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Education consultation & training that inspires educators and caregivers to embrace the power of play in nature!

Let's Meet.

I'm Vanessa, forest kindergarten teacher & nature play advocate.


As an educator, I have always felt that outdoor play is the most freeing, valuable, and joyful time for children (and adults). I remember the magic of my own childhood while turning over rocks to discover salamanders and other creatures and exploring the woods, dirt, and streams of Central Massachusetts. Joyful, child-led exploration and play should be a right for all children, from countryside to the inner-cities. As years go by and children are spending so much less time outdoors, I am determined to work with other educators that are committed to reconnecting children with nature and going back to the 

Roots of Childhood.


Roots of Childhood believes that...

1. All children have a right to equitable access to nature and learning outdoors

2. Children learn best through play and hands-on explorations

3. It is beneficial and healthy to play in the rain, snow, and cold weather (with the right gear!)

4. Learning outdoors encourages more critical thinking, problem solving, and investigating

5. Playing in nature fosters emotional regulation, social skills, and resilience

6. All educators are capable of creating learning environments and facilitating experiences outdoors that children will thrive in!




Professional Development Workshops





Are you interested in connecting but unsure of which option is right for you or would like more information? Book a FREE 20 minute Zoom and we can chat!


"Vanessa’s knowledge, experience and passion for high quality nature-based education is evident. From her professional development sessions to her consulting skills, I have learned so much from her and highly value her work.

I would definitely recommend connecting with Vanessa for anyone already in the field or anyone thinking about providing more opportunities for children to be outdoors. Thanks so much for all your work to support educators and children!"


Lead Teacher & Curriculum Specialist at The Garden Montessori

Pinehurst, NC

"All the concrete tips, examples, ideas were SUPER helpful. It was exactly what I needed because I wanted specific things I could start trying right away. It also was reassuring that Vanessa has experience in an outdoor classroom and has worked with other's in similar environments so she was giving me things that really worked and not just random Pinterest ideas."


Lead Teacher & Owner at Learning Nest Childcare

National City, CA

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